Shep Smith Brings His Show to a Grinding Halt to Investigate a Strange Noise

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.47.53 PM“Is this bothering you?” Shepard Smith asked. “It’s bothering me.”

The Fox anchor brought his show to a halt Wednesday afternoon to investigate a strange noise coming from within the walls of his 12th-floor studio, also taking the opportunity to show off his resplendent setup, which resembles a newsroom crossed with the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, featuring several sports bars’ worth of monitors, giant computer terminals, and a gleaming cyclorama. But as his first segment came to a close, all that Smith could focus on were the odd sounds emanating from the behind the glitzy facade.

“We’ve been in this studio now for a couple of years. It’s very nice. We’re on the twelfth floor. It’s always quiet and nice up here. All of my friends are here, checking on things to make sure they’re right. We have a noise,” he said, placing his microphone in front of the offending wall. “You hear this? I wonder if there’s an animal in there.”

Given that the lobby image was a set piece, and the studio was 12 stories above the ground, Smith found it unlikely that a mere animal could be causing such a clamor. “Somebody’s in the wall,” Smith concluded. “Fox security, would you get on that please?”

[image via screengrab]

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