Shep Smith: “Chile’s Cheating Miner, Number 21, Could Be In For A Big Payday”

“Chile’s cheating miner, number 21, could be in for a big payday,” according to Shep Smith.

Turns out a website — Shep refused to namecheck it on his show — that offers to help people cheat (“life is short, have an affair”) is offering Yonni Barrios a $100,000 endorsement deal. The site in question, Shep notes, has approached other high profile place about advertising campaigns and been turned down.

Meanwhile (!) Barrios apparently has another mistress on top of the one who met him at the site….a 25 year old who visited him at the hospital. “This is becoming tawdry,” says Shep. It might be worth noting (or at least it was before the 25 year old showed up) that, as Jose Simian pointed out on Office Hours the other day, divorce laws are very strict in Chile and it’s entirely possible Barrios has long been estranged from his actual wife. Regardless, I think he should hold out for Hollywood. Watch below.

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