Shep Smith Flips Out On Legal Guests Over Baby Lisa: ‘You’re Both Full Of It!’


Fox News’s Shepard Smith became incredibly animated while discussing the Baby Lisa case on Wednesday’s Studio B and took some well placed shots at his guest legal commentators Arthur Aidala and Randy Zelin. The spirited discussion focused on the missing baby’s parents unwillingness to cooperate with local authorities, which he saw as “all you need to know.” His guests, however, defended the legal counsel provided to the parents, suggesting that the KC police were just more interested in “closing a file” than actual justice.

Early in the segment Smith recalled a previous episode where he was evading an open container law. “John Brady and I were down in New York City and cops were coming and we had a beer and you are not supposed to have a beer open on the street and we took off running,” Smith explained. “Run. run. run. run. Now they are angry, now they say ‘we know you stole something! Admit it!’ I didn’t do anything like that, come on! That is how cops approach things, don’t they?”

“And that’s exactly the problem,” Zelin replied. “Why that a problem!?” Smith boomed. “It’s a huge problem,” Zelin responded. “Why is it a problem!?” Smith repeated. “Because it’s not about justice,” began Zelin. “It’s about making an arrest and closing a file. This target wouldn’t be on her head if she kept her mouth shut we would not be speculating. ‘Ah she’s drunk, timeline doesn’t work, this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work…”

Zelin attempted to answer Smith’s question, only to be shot down by the Fox News host. “Come on, Randy! That’s asinine!” rebuked Smith. “No! Randy, Randy, Randy! You’re wrong, stop!” The argument continued through the segment, with Smith continuing to curiously spar aggressively with his guests.

“To the police officers, in small towns across America, I sincerely apologize to you for what’s been said on this set today. Most of us, thank you for what you do, we do not distrust you and we believe when a child is missing, you are looking for a missing child not trying to close a case. I think you’re both full of it!”

Watch the exchange below via Fox News:

(Incidentally, it was far out that Shep admitted breaking the law earlier in the segment, what’s going on at Fox News today, is it Admit Your Past Crimes Day?)

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