Shep Smith Gives Harrowing Description of ISIS Burning Prisoner Video

As you are likely aware, most American media outlets have an unspoken ban on showing images from the recently-released footage of ISIS forces burning alive a Jordanian pilot they’ve held captive for several months. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith complied with that prohibition on Tuesday afternoon, but felt it was necessary for news consumers to at least understand what happened in that footage.

“We’re not going to show you the video,” he said, “[but] I’m going to tell you about it, all of it, every bit of it. I watched it over the last hour, not because I wanted to — I absolutely did not. I watched it because I felt like those of you would want to know what’s on it but don’t want to watch it or be subjected to some sort of gruesome descriptive adjectives can get the information.”

What followed was a 11-minute monologue in which Smith meticulously (but without graphic imagery) described the
murderous video, stone-faced yet brimming with nervous energy from remembering what he had just watched.

Watch that below:

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