Shep Smith Had the Best Time Ever Covering the Solar Eclipse: ‘Oh My God!’

As the moment of totality approached in Madras, Oregon for the solar eclipse, Fox News’ Shepard Smith was having a hell of a fun time bringing this news live to viewers.

When the moment came, Smith cried, “Wow! Would you look at that?! It’s a total eclipse of the sun!”

He was just as excited as the people in Oregon watching for the exciting moment. Fox News correspondent Dan Springer talked to Smith about the mood from out there, and Smith really really wanted to hear about the people outside to witness this amazing moment: “I want to hear more!”

At one point he cried, “Now you can look at the thing! It’s covered so you can look at it! OH MY GOD!”

A few minutes later, Smith brought up how some party-poopers on Twitter “think we should take this a little more seriously.”

So he decided to poll the room to ask who’s on the “this is fun” side versus “this is serious” side. After counting, he said, “We’ve got no serious here. We’ve got 2000 employees here. I believe they should send us a few serious people, because for us this is just a lot of fun.”

How fun was it for him? After Fox News ran its solar eclipse graphic-with-cool-music, Smith immediately asked that it be played again.

You can watch clips from his coverage above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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