Shep Smith: If Numbers Don’t Change, Rick Perry’s Just Making Noise And Selling Books

Shepard Smith welcomed public relations consultant Fraser Seitel to Studio B on Wednesday to discuss the dangerous back-and-forth attacks going on in the Republican camp, specifically the barbs being sent Mitt Romney‘s way by Rick Perry. The concern is that whatever negative remarks Perry has about Romney during the nominating process will come back up — assuming Romney is the nominee — in the lead-up to the general election. “These same words are going to come out of Barack Obama‘s mouth later on,” Smith said.

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Both men noted that Perry is currently mired in fifth place, and this might be his last gasp. “Perry is desperate and he’s trying to get some traction,” Seitel explained, suggesting that Romney needs to parry the blows from Perry, not drag the issues out any longer than they need to be. He believes that as the field is whittled down, Republicans will lessen the attacks on their opponents, as saying anything bad just gives their opponents more ammunition.

As for Perry? Smith believes that while the accusations and vitriol harm Romney, there’s not much more damage it can do to the Texas governor. Especially in the eyes of publishers. “If the numbers stay like they are,” Smith said, “all Rick Perry is going to do is make some noise and sell some books.”

Enjoy the video below, courtesy of FOX News:

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