Shep Smith: ‘It’s Astounding’ Liberals Aren’t Up In Arms Over Obama’s Wars

On Fox News Channel this afternoon, Shepard Smith was completely baffled by the fact that the loudest liberal voices in America were giving President Obama a pass on his multiple wars. Juan Williams admitted there was frustration on the left with America’s constant involvement in war, but he didn’t have an explanation as to why more anti-war liberals were not furious with Obama.

Regarding the continuing “not-war” in Libya, Shep was fired up asking Williams:

“I want to know where your liberal friends are who were are all up in arms and all over President Bush’s wars. What this President has done has continued the two Bush wars, started new wars of his own, refuses to call them wars and in addition, his administration tells untruths about what the goals are. It’s astounding.”

Williams agreed that the cost of these ongoing conflicts alone is something that should worry everyone. Shep often provides a unique perspective, and an often unpredictable one, and here he doesn’t disappoint with his conclusion that everything about Obama’s foreign policy and continuing wars just seems like “global weirdness.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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