Shep Smith: It’s Good for Us That Trump Watches Fox, ‘But Come On’

Fox News’ Shep Smith briefly remarked upon President Trump‘s habit of watching his colleagues at Fox & Friends this afternoon.

As he spoke with Jonathan Lemire from the Associated Press, he remarked upon the President’s tweet insisting that he has “very little time” to watch TV… “after responding to like six things that happened on Fox & Friends.”

He quickly added, “Maybe it was eight, actually.”

Lemire brought up just how much Trump has either RT’d Fox & Friends clips or has commented “on something he saw” on Fox in just the past few days.

Smith then brought up New York Times Magazine national correspondent Mark Leibovich talking on MSNBC this morning about something he noticed when he met with the President. Leibovich wrote about it in “This Town Melts Down” for the Times:

It was 12:30, but the president was not eating lunch. He was watching a recording of ‘‘Fox and Friends’’ from about four hours earlier on a large TV mounted on the wall.

Smith had this to say in response:

“A journalist who was in the White House the other day described on another network the President watching a DVR recording of Fox & Friends hours after it ran while others were around… I mean, you know, good for you, we like the ratings, we like for people to watch, it makes us money, yay! But come on!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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