Shep Smith Wonders If The People Running Afghanistan Have Read A History Book


Following yesterday’s confirmation hearing — the other confirmation hearing — General Petraeus was confirmed 99-0. Probably don’t expect to see that kind of unanimity again anytime soon. Of course no one expected the Senate to give Petraeus a hard time, despite the fact the administration’s plan in Afghanistan is not popular with the GOP, however Juan Williams thinks the ease of the vote may come back to haunt President Obama down the line. Williams told Shep Smith today he thinks Petraeus has Obama by the…you get the picture:

If there’s a difference of opinion between the Obama White House and the General who’s out there fighting the war, which way do you think public opinion and the opinion of the U.S. Senate is going to go? It’s going to go with General Petraeus. This is not simply Republicans it’s Republican’s and Democrats…and the man who’s making the call is not necessarily Obama it’s General Petraeus.

I happen to be a big fan of Juan Williams, but this seems to be a fairly selective interpretation of a vote that was widely expected, and generally interpreted to be a symbol of support as much for the troops as Petraeus. That said, people have suggested that putting Petraeus in will make it that much harder for Obama to withdraw on the 2011 schedule should Petraeus suggest otherwise, which may actually be just exactly what Obama wants. Regardless, as long as Obama is president he will be the one making the call.

Williams also touched on the uncertainty surrounding the plan for Afghanistan, or the lack of plan, and the utter unreliabiliy of Afghan president Hamid Karzai “he’s playing footsie with the Taliban!” Said Shep: “I wonder if anyone has read a history book.” Indeed. Watch below. Apparently, Juan is to be a regular Wednesday guest.

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