Shep Smith, Judge Napolitano Go Off On Feds For ‘Trampling Our Liberty’ With NATO Summit Arrests

Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith and Fox Business Network host Judge Andrew Napolitano lambasted the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday in a discussion about arrests made in Chicago during the NATO summit. Napolitano said the federal government was attempting to “deter other people from expressing their political opinions in the streets.” Smith agreed, asked why no one seemed to care and accused the FBI of “trampling on our liberty.”

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Smith introduced Napolitano and asked him for his opinion on the preemptive arrests and cordoning off of anti-NATO and Occupy protesters in Chicago ahead of a multi-national NATO summit that concludes Monday.

Several arrests were made in relation to plots to make and use explosive devices and attack police. Smith noted, however, that attorneys for some of the arrestees say that their clients were entrapped by the FBI and the suspects were asked to make the bombs.

“That’s entrapment, isn’t it,” Smith asked Napolitano, who proceeded to indict the justice system for systematic and widespread entrapment practices.

It’s the same M.O. over and over and over again. You find some dope or some psychopath or someone totally disenchanted with society. You find a group of them, you infiltrate the group and you persuade them to talk about engaging in acts of violence and you provide them with what they think is bomb making material – it’s always inert, it’s never a real bomb. They begin to assemble the stuff, they utter some incendiary language as they do so and you arrest them.

Napolitano said that those implicated in violence that were arrested by the FBI but are being prosecuted by the state probably do not have charges assigned to them that will be made stick in a court.

“The Chicago folks want to make an example out of these kids to deter other people from expressing their political opinions in the streets,” said Napolitano.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Smith.

Napolitano went on to savage the Chicago police and the FBI for what he characterized as an attempt to silence political dissent.

“How do we have stories like this two or three times a week and no one in the nation seems to care,” exclaimed Smith.

“Because the American public has been deluded into thinking that when the government finds a dope and persuades the dope to say bad things and think he’s gonna collect—assembling a bomb and then he eventually pleads guilty that somehow we are kept safe by that happening,” said Napolitano.

“That’s a load of it,” said Smith. “Somehow we are made to feel like maybe they are doing something for us when what they’re really doing is trampling on our liberty.”

“Correct,” Napolitano agreed. “They’re picking the weakest among us and talking them into thinking they’re breaking the law.” Napolitano went on to say that entrapment is one thing, but this case is “far worse” because the federal government declined to prosecute indicating to Napolitano that there is “no case.”

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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