Shep Smith On Katrina: “Every Level Failed And Everybody Lied To Us”

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith was the TV news representative on a panel yesterday about Hurricane Katrina, from the Newseum in Washington D.C.

He reflected on the story five years later – the coverage and who was responsible.

“We realized, this was a big deal,” he said. “This is why we got into this business in the first place, to inform…it was a very heady thing to know the government was getting information from you.”

Shep, who produced some of the most memorable and emotional reporting from the region five years ago, is no less emotional five years later. “Every level failed and everybody lied to us,” he said.

Also, the hard news anchor rarely delves into any sort of opinion, but when you cover the story with such intensity, it’s hard not to have a take. “Hurricane Katrina was a government failure,” Smith said.

Also on the panel were Jim Amoss, editor of the Times-Picayune and Stan Tiner, executive editor of The Sun Herald.

Here’s some of Shep’s portions of the Newseum panel yesterday (via C-SPAN):

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