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Shep Reports Chris Matthews Had “No Tingles” At Lunch With Pres. Obama

Shepard Smith was one of the lucky media members to attend the annual off-the-record lunch with Pres. Barack Obama today ahead of his State of the Union tonight.

He reported on the tone of the meeting, the menu and the guy sitting next to him (MSNBC’s Chris Matthews) during The Live Desk today.

Smith said it was “an hour-and fifteen-minutes of give-and-take on issues, and overall, “it was a pretty chill lunch, and very informative.”

Then he started giving a rundown of the menu (which included a ‘symphony of vegetables’ which cracked Shep up) and on his fellow journalists around the table. “That many egos in the room, we’re lucky it didn’t explode but it didn’t,” he said. Specifically: “Chris Matthews, I sat next to. No tingles that I know of.”

“Everybody seemed very relaxed,” said Smith. “We all kind of know each other or have at least seen each other, covered stories together over the years. And it’s a sort of cordial fraternity when you’re not off trying to beat everybody in the ratings.”

Also, there’s apparently a Flip video Shep took of the journalists talking before the lunch, but FNC won’t get a chance to air it: “I think Katie Couric complained so I’m not allowed to use it, but if anyone wants to come over some time I’ll show it in my living room.”

Release the Flip! Party at Shep’s house!

Here’s “Your Moment of Shep”:

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