Shep Smith Takes On TSA’s John Pistole Over ‘Junk Touching’ Security Measures

Increased airport security measures introduced by the TSA recently came under increased scrutiny, in part due to a self-published video of a traveler expressing frustration at the process that went viral this week. “Touch my junk and I will sue” spawned an Internet fueled meme, and crossed over to much cable news coverage. Earlier today, Fox News’ Shepard Smith interviewed TSA Administrator John Pistole confronting him over the controversial new security measures. Shep Smith to save the day!

Mr. Smith has become well known for his tough but fair interviews, and had previously expressed his own personal concern over this specific new TSA policy, saying “if you touch my junk, I’m going to file a lawsuit against you.” So it seemed appropriate for Shep to take on Mr. Pistole.

Expressing the frustration of many US citizens concerned for this new policy, Smith put it things in plain words, saying “right now, because the underwear bomber tried to bomb a plane… they can feel your breast or groin.” He later asked, how if the next attack comes from hiding a device in a body cavity, how can one be sure that the “line won’t be moved” to the point where a lot of people are made even more uncomfortable?”

Watch the interview from Fox News below:

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