Shep Smith: The Reason Things Like Fast & Furious Happen Is Our ‘Draconian’ Drug Laws

When Shepard Smith and Judge Andrew Napolitano had a discussion about Eric Holder’s contentious hearing today on the failed Fast and Furious operation, it was unsurprising that someone began pinning the whole thing on our “draconian” laws. However, what was surprising was that the person who said it wasn’t Napolitano.

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After discussing Holder’s performance, Smith offered this analysis:

“Nobody’s talking about the bigger picture of why this is happening. The reason this is happening is because of our insatiable desire for drugs and our draconian laws which make this happen.”

Napolitano quickly agreed with him.

America’s drug laws have become a large topic of conversation recently with numerous people coming out for a change (Penn Jillette, our own Andrew Kirell) or against one (Bill O’Reilly). Smith has previously implied his feelings about our nation’s drug laws, saying the “war is lost.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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