Shep Smith: ‘We Must Not Give In’ and Overreact When Lone Wolf Attacks Happen


When he’s not delivering hard news reports, Fox anchor Shepard Smith has become known for his powerful monologues, spoken from the heart and off-script. In the wake of Wednesday morning’s tragic shooting in Ottawa, Smith suggested that we as a free people must not “give in” to terrorism’s aims whenever lone wolf attacks occur.

Echoing the oft-repeated post-9/11 sentiment that a political or cultural overreaction to attacks on Western soil is tantamount to “letting the terrorists win,” Smith delivered this brief sermon:

Canada will be re-evaluating itself and the way it conducts itself, internally and externally, because of the actions of one man on one morning over a period of less than ten minutes. That’s how fragile it all is. So, at some point, our authorities warn us, at some point, somebody — some lone wolf, somebody who’s mad at somebody, somebody who’s following some radical, ridiculous ideology — will walk into a shopping mall or into a train station or something that is not tightly secured and start firing away. And on that day, at that time, we as a collective being must not give in. On that day, we don’t have to change everything about our lives, we don’t have to add things that make us not a free people. If and when it happens, as our leaders warn that it most likely will, we have to stand brave and tall as hopefully Canadians are doing today and realize that if we want to have a free nation, there’s give and there’s bend. If you see something, say something, but beyond that don’t freak out when it happens. Easier said than done, isn’t it?

Watch that below, via Fox:

[h/t Brian Stelter]

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