Shep Smith: WikiLeaks Releases ‘The Only Straight Answers We Get Any More’

Shepard Smith is sick of the government lying to us. “The list is so long, we don’t have room for it on the screen any more!” he exclaimed today during Studio B. Smith was covering the latest WikiLeaks release in the Washington Post that details the United States’ secret backing of Syrian opposition forces and he made it abundantly clear just who he thought was fighting the good fight. “Man, we’ve learned a lot from the WikiLeaks people, haven’t we?” Smith asked with a smile.

After his guest, former CIA officer Michael Baker, offhandedly remarked that the Post had made itself “the arbitrer of what’s good for the public to know,” Smith jumped in excitedly:

“Wait a minute. You get information that the government’s lying to you again, one more lie from the government! I wish they would publish all of it! Every lie they tell ought to be laid bare!”

For more on Smith’s opinions on WikiLeaks, check out a segment he did with our own Colby Hall last December about whether or not Julian Assange is a hero or a villain.

Watch today’s clip from Fox News below:

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