Shepard Smith Delivers Harrowing Opener Recounting the Timeline of New Zealand Mosque Shooting


Fox News’ Shepard Smith presented a harrowing opening segment Friday afternoon, recounting the chain of events leading up to the horrific massacre killed 49 people and injured dozens between two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Smith said he will not share the gunman’s name, face, or his video live-streaming the horrific killing spree, but that he would recount what a Fox News editor described after watching it.

“An editor here watched it and provided the following information: ‘The gunman seems upbeat, almost casual, as he sits in his car before the massacre. There are guns in the passenger seat visible on the video and one tucked beside his leg,’ he says, describing the rifles as being covered in white supremacist symbols, while the car’s stereo blares a Serbian tune celebrating a Muslim-killer.”

Smith continued, “Our editor could hear the GPS, a British woman’s voice giving the killer directions to the mosque.”

Smith described the moments as the shooter “filled with hate,” approached the mosque and gunned down security guards, repeatedly shooting even after one of them tried to escape. Smith paused to remark it was “just the beginning.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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