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Shepard Smith: How Is Trump Iran Decision Different from Obama Pulling Back on Syria Red Line?

Fox News’ Chris Wallace today questioned President Donald Trump‘s story on the tick-tock behind his decision to call off the Iran strikes, while Shepard Smith invoked the infamous Obama “red line” on Syria as a potential parallel.

Smith walked through what we know thus far about the timeline leading up to Trump’s decision, and Wallace said, “I talked to a former top national security official in an earlier Republican administration who says this just doesn’t add up.”

He also noted how “ten minutes before you’re learning for the first time that there were going to be 150 casualties seems pretty unlikely.”

Smith then asked, “How is this different from President Obama pulling back from the red line in Syria?”

“It’s a question you have to ask yourself,” Wallace said, noting it’s worth wondering what the reaction from Republicans would have been if Barack Obama had made the same exact decision.

Wallace noted that Obama was indeed “hammered” by many regarding that red line, including Trump himself at the time.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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