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Shepard Smith Is So Over the Weather: ‘Fox News Can Now Confirm It’s Cold’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith expressed more than a little frustration on his afternoon show Tuesday over the incessant cable news coverage of how ice-cold freezing it is across the country this week. Multiple times during the 3pm hour, Smith sarcastically confirmed on behalf of Fox that it is cold outside, and even worked in a dig at rival CNN.

“We are so helpful,” Smith said after Fox’s weather update. “I’m not sure anyone would know that it’s cold, or how to warm up, without your friends inside the television box here at the three cable news channels.”

“Fox News can confirm it is cold,” he continued. “And even if CNN says it, too — still true.”

Towards the end of the show, Smith paused for a moment to say, “I used to feel like this was a worthwhile venture.” He asked his crew off-screen, “Do you guys remember those days? There are days. Not this one.”

Before signing off, Smith once again confirmed the biggest story of the day. “We should update Fox News’ top story,” he said. “As we have been covering throughout the hour, Fox News can now confirm — it can be told — it is cold.”

Watch both clips below, via Fox News:

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