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Shepard Smith Is Sorry For This Non-Fair And Balanced Moment

shep_10-27One of our favorite anchors Shepard Smith got all ‘fair and balanced’ during his Studio B newscast today on Fox News.

He apologized to the viewers after a segment on the New Jersey Governor race he felt didn’t give both sides a fair shake.

Gawker reports Smith was introducing a report from correspondent Shannon Bream, and it appeared he was expecting it to be a sole reporter segment. Instead, Bream was at GOP candidate Chris Christie‘s rally, and he was there for a quick, impromptu interview.

Smith didn’t like the surprise. “When will you be interviewing Jon Corzine?” he asked after the interview. “We have multiple requests, and when it comes through, we’ll let you know,” said Bream.

Later, here’s classic Shep Smith: “Wow, I didn’t know that was about to happen. My apologies for the lack of balance there. If I had had control, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Christie has been around Fox News quite a bit as the race heats up, including an interview last night with Sean Hannity. And if Corzine has really been declining interviews, it’s certainly not FNC’s fault.

But the moment gets added to the long list of exchanges that make up the “fair and balanced,” renegade-like resume of Shepard Smith.

> Update on Wednesday: Today on Studio B, Smith said: “Yesterday Shannon Bream interviewed live the republican candidate for governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. She offered the same opportunity to the democrat, Jon Corzine. That offer still stands.”

Here’s the clip, before the interview and after. (h/t J$):

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