Shepard Smith Roasts Avenatti For Having His Jet Seized: He’ll Have to Uber Between CNN and MSNBC Now

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Wednesday on Fox News, Shepard Smith roasted attorney Michael Avenatti during a report about the Feds seizing one of the lawyer’s more expensive toys.

“Michael Avenatti’s gonna start slumming it now,” Smith said, dryly. “Federal officials say they’ve just seized his $5 million jet.”

The plane — a Honda HA 420 — was a six-seat, twin engine business jet. Smith was particularly amused by one specific detail.

“The plane is known to be registered to, and I quote, ‘Passport 420,'” Smith said. “Passport meaning a way to get around, potentially, 420 often meaning … hmm … weed. But we don’t know, in this case.”

Smith, though, saved his best snark for last — even taking a jab at a couple of rivals in the process.

“We do know that trips between CNN and MSNBC will now require an Uber, as the jet is no more.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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