Fox News’ Shepard Smith Rails Against Jail For Allowing Epstein’s Suicide: ‘A Black Mark Like None Other’


Fox News’ Shepard Smith today remarked upon how strange he finds it that Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t being more closely monitored while he was in prison.

In speaking with former Bureau of Prisons case manager Jack Donson, Smith said, “I’ve spoken with a lawyer who had a very high-profile client who was in jail, a client whom everyone in our audience would recognize by name or face. And this particular client was not on suicide watch, but because he was so high-profile, he was always watched. At every moment he had a camera… trained on him, from the time he checked into that jail cell until the time he checked out.”

And given how high-profile Epstein was, Smith had questions about what happened:

“The federal government is housing a man who knows very, very well two presidents of the United States and a royal in Great Britain and some of the highest-profile, best-known names in the country, and there are accusations of ties to all of this with some of them. You would think it would be the goal of the federal system to keep them alive and that maybe they’d go the extra mile to try to do that, because secrets died with him. And that causes problems. Conspiracy theories to be tweeted or repeated, even sent out by the President of the United States — conspiracy theories. It’s not as if it’s a regular kind of guy. This was a big, big deal.”

“I wish the average suicide would get so much attention, to be honest with you,” Donson said. “This happens all the time.. It is a notable case and it is big news all weekend. It’s still not surprising to me that this happened.”

Smith said it’s no surprise that there are problems at MCC, but “it is a surprise that they would lose a high-profile client like this, because it’s a black mark like none other. It’s not good.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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