Sheriff Arpaio On Arrest Of 6-Year-Old Immigrant: ‘Nobody Would Take Ownership Of That Poor Girl’

Maricopa Country’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared on Starting Point Thursday morning, where he spoke with host Soledad O’Brien about the possibility that Supreme Court could rule today on Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

“We’re not going to change anything,” he told O’Brien when asked how the ruling would change the way he polices. “We’ve been enforcing the two state laws irregardless of the 1070, so I don’t see any change no matter which way that Supreme Court decision comes. That’s as far as I’m concerned.”

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Arpaio mentioned his recent arrest of a 6-year-old suspected of being an undocumented immigrant crossing the border, noting that “nobody would take ownership of that poor girl.” He said she is now in federal custody and authorities are, as far as he knows, currently attempting to ascertain where is from (Arpaio guesses she attempted to make her way to the U.S. from El Salvador, traveling through Mexico) and where she was planning to go.

Later, he said that, while he feels compassion for young people attempting to begin a new life in the U.S., he is here to enforce the law, regardless of compassion or politics. That said, he does believe the new immigration law should have been a decision made by Congress, not the President.

Have a look, via CNN:

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