Sherri Shepherd To SNL’s Fred Armisen: ‘You’ve Got To Get More Black People On That Show’

We don’t usually get two View posts in a day here at Mediaite but, while that fart thing was just BREAKING NEWS THAT THE WORLD NEEDED TO SEE, there was also another interesting moment on the show. Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen appeared to promote the second season of his IFC series Portlandia ( a series where that hilarious one-man show sketch probably would have been better appreciated) and Sherri Shepherd pointed out an issue that’s been a problem almost since SNL‘s inception (and possibly the actual solution to Greg Gutfeld’s conspiracy yesterday); Lorne Michaels needs to hire some more damn black people.

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The comment came during a discussion of the recurring View parodies on SNL. After everyone complimented Armisen’s great Joy Behar, Shepherd complained that there was no one there to play her.

What? You don’t think Jay Pharoah could pull it off? They’ve got a fat black guy and a skinny black guy. What more do you want, Sherri?

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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