Sherrod Brown Calls Out GOP Fear of ‘Unhinged’ Trump: ‘Of Course He Wasn’t’ Going to Learn a Lesson


Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) followed up his condemnation of Donald Trump’s “retribution tour” by calling out Republicans for enabling the president after voting against his impeachment.

Brown gave an interview to CNN’s John Berman on Thursday after grilling Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin over Trump’s apparent influence over Roger Stone’s prison sentencing. Since Brown lamented that Trump “will never be held accountable by the Senate,” he followed up by claiming the GOP speaks negatively of the president in private, but are mostly too afraid to do so out loud.

“Because of their fear the president would turn on them, they said things like ‘We know he’ll get better, we know he’s changed. Impeachment is a serious thing and the president will get better.’ Of course, he wasn’t. They know his character.”

Brown further called out the Republican lawmakers for applauding Trump during his “unhinged” post-impeachment address from the White House. When Berman remarked that many GOPers “have chosen to say nothing” of Trump’s post-impeachment actions, Brown expressed hope that Republicans will eventually stand up, even though he acknowledged “they’re afraid of Fox, they’re afraid of talk radio, they’re afraid of Twitter,” and “they’re afraid of the president” attacking them.

“When decisions are made in the midst of fear, it is almost always the wrong decision, and you can see that day by day,” Brown said. He continued by saying Republican senators from battleground states were part of the “cover-up” by voting against Trump’s impeachment, and “the more information comes out, the more embarrassed they’re going to be.”

“They didn’t want witnesses. They won’t criticize the president. They won’t stand up to him when he’s unhinged. I don’t know who was at the prayer breakfast, and who was in the East Room… But they all stood up, they applauded, they embolden this president. They encourage this president and they will keep doing it until they pay a price, and only the media and American electorate can make them pay that price.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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