‘She’s Not Qualified!’: CNN’s Amanda Carpenter, Kayleigh McEnany Battle Over Ivanka White House Role


Amanda Carpenter and Kayleigh McEnany battled on CNN tonight over Ivanka Trump getting a formal White House position as assistant to the president.

Last week Carpenter wrote that Ivanka Trump getting that White House role is nothing but nepotism, and tonight told Erin Burnett that there’s a reason we have all those ethics and nepotism rules in the first place.

McEnany said that Carpenter should want a working woman like Ivanka Trump in the White House, particularly because Ivanka has challenged Republican orthodoxy on certain issues. Carpenter shot back, “She’s not qualified!”

As they kept going back and forth, McEnany even told Carpenter, “You are doing more harm to the cause of feminism by tearing down another woman ruthlessly.”

Carpenter laughed and said if Ivanka Trump “wants to be treated like a political person,” that’s what she’s going to do. She argued that there are plenty of women in government far more qualified for a position with security clearance.

McEnany asked if she had a problem with Hillary Clinton‘s role in her husband’s White House. Carpenter said this in response:

“I’m the one that’s being consistent here… I’m a consistent conservative. I have a problem with nepotism, whether it’s Bill Clinton, whether it’s Donald Trump. So there’s no there there, Kayleigh. You’re the one that goes back and forth and… changes your views based on the political party.”

You can watch the whole thing above, via CNN.

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