Shock Audio: Police Exchange Gunfire With Alleged Cop-Killer Chris Dorner On Live TV

Police officers have reportedly engaged fugitive ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner, accused of killing an officer and a young couple, in a remote part of the San Bernardino Mountains in California. CBS LA’s reporter Carter Evans was on the ground during the initial firefight, ducking for cover as police fired hundreds of rounds at what is believed to be Dorner’s location.

As Evans relayed information, via phone, to the CBS local anchors, police officers can be heard shouting expletives at reporters, demanding they leave the scene and take cover. Heavy gunfire is heard in the background as the reporter goes silent to seek cover.

Early reports indicate Dorner robbed a Big Bear cabin and tied up the family before fleeing in their truck. He’s now been “cornered” by police officers, and the gunfight has apparently resulted in at least one officer being airlifted to the hospital for medical attention.

Luckily, reporter Evans is okay, despite being in what sounded like the middle of an intense firefight.

UPDATE: The LA Times is reporting that one San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy has died from injuries suffered during the shootout with suspect Chris Dorner.

Watch below and listen to the intense audio, via CBS-LA:

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