Should Bob Schieffer Have Asked Eric Holder About The DOJ/Black Panther Case?

CBS’ Bob Schieffer interviewed Attorney General Eric Holder for the entire half-hour Face the Nation on Sunday. He asked about Arizona immigration, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Guantanamo.

But he didn’t ask Holder about the Black Panther/DOJ case. Should he have?

I was on America Live with Megyn Kelly this afternoon to weigh in. While Schieffer didn’t ask Holder about it – and should have – none of the Sunday shows brought up the topic during any interview, including FOX News Sunday. In fact, as Kelly points out, the only person in the administration who has been asked about the story is Press Secretary Robert Gibbs – because our White House correspondent Tommy Christopher asked him.

Also, Kelly raised the possibility of two options – either Scheiffer “doesn’t care about the story” or CBS agreed to guidelines before the interview. I believe the first one, and a CBS source tells Mediaite he doubts any deal was in place before the interview.

Check it out, and weigh in in the comments – we’ll continue to follow who’s covering the story as more news comes out this week (a letter is supposed to be sent Wednesday of this week to the DOJ from the bipartisan panel reviewing the case);

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