The Simpsons Showrunner to Ted Cruz: We Don’t Love You Back

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) may love the Simpsons, but the Simpsons (or at least their creators) may not love him back.

During a podcast with The Federalist‘s Ben Domenech, Cruz told The Daily Beast‘s Washington bureau chief Will Rahn that he was indeed a Simpsons fanatic, and as proof, cited his two favorite episodes: “‘Round Springfield,” which originated the famous post-9/11 French slur “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”, and “Treehouse of Horror VII,” in which the aliens Kang and Kodos take over the bodies of Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. (These are, incidentally, the Cruz-iest episodes Cruz could like.)

But alas, much like the relationship between Chris Christie and Bruce Springsteen, this relationship is purely one-sided:

“To paraphrase Kang, ‘Ted Cruz?’ Go ahead, throw your vote away,” Simpsons showrunner Al Jean told The Daily Beast, using one of the senator’s favorite episodes against him.

Just keep twirling, Cruz.

[The Daily Beast]
[Image via Fox]

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