Slash The ‘Stache: David Axelrod Agrees To Shave Mustache If His Epilepsy Drive Raises $1 Million

If the 2012 election had a logo, it’d probably feature Nate Silver, in a Big Bird costume, holding an unborn fetus sporting a most impressive mustache. For, as you’re likely all too aware, senior Obama adviser David Axelrod made a bet, on Morning Joe, that Obama would win Minnesota, Michigan and/or (murky, as Scarborough’s “lawyer” points out) Pennsylvania… and, if not, he’d shave off his mustache.

In return, host Joe Scarborough agreed to grow a mustache of his own should Obama win North Carolina or Florida.

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Well, Florida is still up in the air, but Scarborough co-host, Mika Brzezinski, proposed a deal for the two men: Scarborough will donate $10,000 towards epilepsy research, a cause very close to Axelrod’s family. Axelrod then shared that, if donors who give to his “Slash the ‘Stache” drive on manage to raise at least $1 million, he’ll shave off his mustache, happily. Scarborough also agreed to wear a fake mustache at an upcoming fundraising event.

New York magazine has even provided Scarborough with some fantastic facial hair options, including a Stossel ‘stache that makes him look exactly like my father.

Check it out, courtesy of MSNBC:

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