comScore Smerconish: #ReleaseTheMemo Was Better For Trump as Hannity Worked ‘Everyone Into a Lather’

Smerconish: #ReleaseTheMemo Was Better For Trump as Hannity Worked ‘Everyone Into a Lather’

Towards the end of his CNN program this morning, Michael Smerconish reviewed the results of his survey that asked viewers if they felt #ReleaseTheMemo was more politically potent than the actual Nunes memo itself. As he noted that 71% of respondents felt the call to release the GOP memo worked better for its proponents than the document that purports to show FISA abuses in the Russia probe.

After reading off the results, Smerconish agreed with the majority, stating that the mystery of the memo allowed Trump loyalists in the media to hype its so-called importance and explosive findings. But now that its out and doesn’t appear to be the “end-all smoking gun,” it’s much tougher to hype up.

“It was much more effective for the president when he had Hannity working everyone into a lather and we couldn’t read what they were talking about,” Smerconish noted.

He added that while in his opinion the memo shows some “troubling aspects,” it doesn’t undermine the Mueller probe. Smerconish noted that while the president doesn’t see it that way, pointing to Trump’s tweet from this morning, he personally doesn’t agree with the notion that the Steele dossier blows up the Russia investigation.

Later on, while answering some viewers emails, Smerconish objected to someone saying he was trying to mask that he’s a Trump supporter.

“This is the truth be told,” Smerconish declared. “My opening commentary of this program, which you may have missed is one in which I articulated my viewpoint that there’s really not much there there. If I were here to carry the president’s water, I would be doing what they do on Fox, which would be to stoke your passions without much evidence.”

He continued, “No, sorry. I’m not here to carry the water of the president. Nor to do him in. My allegiance is only to you, the viewer, to tell you for better or worse how I see these things.”

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