Smoke up! MSNBC Wishes Everyone a Happy 4/20


The cable news channels are certainly letting their freak flags fly this week. Yesterday on Fox News, we discovered that Megyn Kelly knows what a Sybian is and, today, those groovy guys down at MSNBC let everyone know the history of 4/20, the holiday for marijuana connoisseurs everywhere. We suppose that, as the graphic in the upper-right corner claimed, green really is universal.

The segment featured anchor Tamron Hall feigning innocence while claiming to not know today’s significance. She then brought out author and Huffington Post correspondent, Ryan Grim, who let us all in on how the number “420” becoming synonymous with weed. If you’ve been to high school or college in the past 35 years, chances are you’ve heard different versions of the 420 myth. And, if you haven’t, chances are you just weren’t one of the cool kids.

Things weren’t all fun for long though as Hall tried to harsh our buzz by bringing up serious politics stuff and the conversation turned to California’s attempts to legalize pot in November. Grim lived up to his name by pointing out the reasons why the ballot might fail.

“It’s the toughest time for them to run this because, in the Mid Terms, you have mostly older voters coming out. And older voters are overwhelmingly opposed to marijuana legalization. At the same time, you’re gonna have the prison guard’s union spending millions of dollars to try and beat this back. And if you can think of a more cynical political position to take than ‘There should be more people in prison so that we can work overtime to guard them,’ then I’d like to know what it is.”


Anyway, happy 4/20, readers! Now watch this video. All the cool kids are doing it.

PS – Note the time in which this post was published. Dude!

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