Sn00ki Returns to SNL: “We Are Hotter Than A Dog’s Balls Right Now.”

The world cannot get enough of Jersey Shore. They’ve been re-upped for a second season, the cast’s appearance fees are off the charts, they’ve got kazillions of followers on Twitter, and they are all going to get a sick payday when they come back for round two. As Sn00ki says: “We are hotter than a dog’s balls right now.”

Actually, that wasn’t Sn00ki, née Nicole Polizzi — that was Bobby Moynihan, reprising his impression of her on SNL’s “Weekend Update” tonight, talking about the demand for her in malls and clubs across the country and wondering if she and hottie anchor Seth Meyers were gonna “smoosh.” (BTW Sn00ki will be working the red carpet for MTV at the Grammys tomorrow night. Nice going, girlfriend!). Life is good for Snooks – as she said earlier via Twitter, “2nd season with this dysfunctional guido family? This can get filthy, creepy and scary.” Which, if you’ve read any of Mediaite’s coverage of Jersey Shore, equals awesome. Video below.

MTV’s Jersey Shore: The Worst Best Show Of All Time [Mediaite]

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