SNL Asks: ‘Where In The World Is Kellyanne Conway?’

We imagine the conversation the SNL writer’s room to go something like this:

Writer A: Alex isn’t coming in to Trump this week, and Melissa’s Spicer bit has been done enough.

Writer B: Man, we have to make fun of the White House. Who else is there? We had so much fun mocking Kellyanne Conway. She’s disappeared lately.

Writer A: Right. Where in the world has Kellyanne Conway been lateley?

Writer B: That’s it! We’ll do “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” but with Kelleyanne Conway:

Writer A and B high-five each other before cutting to a commercial break.

Watch the very well executed satirical take on the geographically-based PBS kid’s show from the 90’s (that perhaps only a few SNL viewers actually recall) courtesy of NBC. Special shout out to the Rockapella crew. That was spot on.

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