SNL: Trump, Sessions, Manafort and Pence Talk In the Shower…to Avoid a Wire

Saturday Night Live took on Donald Trump again tonight by addressing the big news about Paul Manafort.

The show’s cold open shows the president (played once again by Alec Baldwin) visiting his old campaign chairman, who is now under house arrest thanks to Robert Mueller‘s indictments against him. The conversation involves “Trump” waxing on and on about how Manafort is “screwed” and can expect a rough life in prison ahead.

Eventually, Trump and Manafort take a shower together so the president can make sure his embattled former subordinate isn’t wearing a wire. As an extra precaution, Trump has “Mike Pence” and “Jeff Sessions” join them so they can cover their bases all the more if Manafort is convicted.

Manafort tries asking Baldwin-Trump if he could just pardon him, though the president doesn’t think that’ll work until they Manafort can disguise himself as a turkey and receive a presidential pardon that way. They also found a chance to bring up all the sexual harassment scandals in the news recently, since Baldwin-Trump figured that “idiot” Harvey Weinstein “could have gotten away with all of it if he’d gotten himself elected president.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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