SNL Presents Workplace Sexual Harassment Gone Wild

The success of a Saturday Night Live episode often depends on the host, and Melissa McCarthy gave all of her sketches 110% tonight. In a bit with Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis, McCarthy was at her most fearless. She played an office drone with a crush on coworker Sudeikis, who found ever more creative and inappropriate ways to express her desire as the sketch went on. She pulled out all the stops to get her man, including dancing seductively to house music and making out with a horse-shaped balloon. Normal girl stuff.

While it might have been easy to dismiss the sketch because McCarthy’s character was dowdy and over-sexualized in much the same way as her character in “Bridesmaids,” but the unexpected love triangle formed by Sudeikis, McCarthy and Hader took the sketch to the next level. And it’s always gratifying to see a host who commits to the show and her characters completely. Also notable: Hader’s scene-stealing ponytail.

Watch the clip via NBC below:

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