SNL: Seth Meyers Explains The Conan-Leno-NBC Brouhaha on “Weekend Update”

As far as analogies go, this one is pretty good: SNL “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers explains the Conan-Leno-NBC Brouhaha with an analogy that somehow had Jay Leno sounding really, really sexy and NBC sounding really, really greedy. So….sort of right? It’s actually a pretty decent analogy, if you are willing to imagine NBC, Jay and Conan as the cast of “Big Love.”

Oh, there was also this: “This week you didn’t need Cinemax to see someone get screwed on TV.” Zing! The kids on Twitter also liked this: “Look, obviously I’m invested in this because it affects me. If Jay can take his job back from Conan that means Conan can take it back from Jimmy and Jimmy might come here and I cannot go back to being in a sketch once every three weeks.” Aw c’mon, Seth, you were great as Goat Boy!

Video below:

***Just kidding, Seth wasn’t Goat Boy, that was Jim Breuer.

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