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SNL Solves Every College Kid’s Problem With ‘Damn It, My Mom Is On Facebook!’

It’s every twenty-something’s nightmare, and after cable news started broadcasting “The More You Know”-style features about the website formerly known as, nearly every college student with a profile knew the day when their moms figured out how to use it was inevitable. Luckily, the innovators at SNL have come up with a handy way to keep the frat parties PG while mom’s snooping in.

The new product “Damn It, My Mom is on Facebook!” doesn’t seem to do anything less than what really fine-tuned privacy settings would– hide indecent status updates, keep raunchy pictures hidden– except instead of just keeping it all covered, the product rewrites your profile’s content for you and even photoshops away any inappropriate images that may attract a chaperoning eye. If only Bill Hader had actually invented this product– it may have the power to single-handedly fix the economy based on sales alone (Not that I would use it, Mom).

Check out the ad for “Damn It, My Mom is on Facebook!”, via NBC, below:

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