SNL Spoofs Paul Ryan’s Nomination Refusal by Proving He’s the Perfect Candidate

Paul Ryan might have slammed the door on becoming the GOP’s eleventh-hour choice as their presidential nominee, but if Saturday Night Live has anything to say about it, nothing is final.

Even after the Ryan put his foot down on accepting that role in a press conference last week, people still can’t help but remember that that’s exactly what he did before he took on his current job as Speaker.

In a campaign-style ad that was cut for time on last night’s broadcast, Taran Killam portrayed Ryan as he made it clear that he will absolutely not go for it even though its what everyone wants who isn’t supporting Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

“You want someone to restore the leadership that’s been so sorely missing in this country for the last eight years,” Killam’s Ryan says against a patriotic backdrop. He goes on to explain how his laundry list of qualifications would make him an ideal fit as a conservative nominee, but it’s still definitely not happening.

“I already have a job to do. And that is to be the best Speaker of the House I can be: a job I swore I would never, ever take. And then I did.”

Watch above, via SNL’s official YouTube channel.

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