Steven Spielberg Shows Up On SNL To Direct ‘Laser Cats 7’

In this sketch, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg approached Lorne Michaels about doing another “Lasercats” sketch (which I don’t believe the show has done in about a year). The premise was not bad, but what made the sketch noteworthy was certainly Steven Spielberg’s sudden appearance in Lorne’s office to plug “Lasercats 7,” which, as it turns out, he directed. Most of the sketch was a preview of “Lasercats 7” itself — the film had amusingly Lo-Fi production values and another cameo by Spielberg, and liberally ripped off both E.T. and keyboard cat in one fell swoop.

I wasn’t so sure about this one, but the send up of Spielberg’s particular flourishes (like the sappy score in the background of the actions scenes) was great, as was the spaceship made entirely of cardboard boxes. So weird that Lorne wasn’t into it!

You can see the pitch here, via NBC:

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