SNL Exposes The Internet ‘Comments Section’

Melissa McCarthy, fresh off the success of “Bridesmaids” and her Emmy win for “Mike & Molly,” was hosting this weekend, and the show was determined to get its money’s worth from the popular comedienne. She appeared in nearly every sketch, including “The Comments Section,” in which faceless internet commenters were confronted  by the objects of their derision. It was, essentially, a fictionalized version of the CW’s “H8R.”

Old media taking on the seedy underbelly of new media always feels a little tone deaf, and the characters all looked like typical clichés of internet commenters — there was a lot of bad hair and lumpy sweaters on the screen, and the concept was a little bit too pat. Are we really supposed to believe that the only people writing mean things on the internet have wardrobes stuck squarely in the 80s and live in their mothers’ basements? Also, where was the requisite 12-year-old internet troll? Melissa McCarthy gave the sketch her all though, and her enthusiasm very nearly saved it.

Watch the clip via NBC below:

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