SNL Tears Into Fox & Friends’ Obama-Bashing And Donald Trump’s $5 Million Offer

This week’s Saturday Night Live took aim at Fox News’ conservative morning show, Fox & Friends, pulling no punches in its depiction of the show’s perpetual Obama-bashing (even in his handling of Hurricane Sandy) and its frequent guest in birther businessman Donald Trump. The comedy program also continued its long-standing mockery of the show’s hosts as generally ill-informed but congenial.

The segment began with the faux-Steve Doocy declaring that “we are on day seven of the recovery after Hurricane Sandy, the worst disaster the country has ever seen. All taking place under the Obama administration.”

“You know, it’s amazing,” added Vanessa Bayer‘s Gretchen Carlson. “We’re now hearing that Obama knew about the storm days in advance!”

“And he did nothing to stop it!” chimed in faux-Doocy.

“It’s terrible,” added Bobby Moynihan‘s Brian Kilmeade. “My car is completely underwater.”

Because his street was flooded? “No, I was texting while driving and I went straight into the Hudson.”

Frequent F&F guest Donald Trump then joined the program to ramble about his $5 million offer to President Obama in exchange for the release of his college and passport records. Trump gave an exclusive “bombshell” scoop that he has on authority from an African national he met at a Rainforest Café.

As usual, the segment ended with the “fact-checker” corrections, which were lengthy as ever and full of little witty asides.

Watch below, via NBC:

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