SNL: Watch Democrats Dream About Better News Headlines In 2011

Frosty the Snowman turned up on Saturday Night Live last night to reflect on the passing year and inspire hope for the new one. Democrats, he noted, are hoping the hardest, given that 2010 was so full of political losses. So he peered into the souls of some of Washington’s most prominent Dems to find out what headlines they’d like to see in 2011—like “WikiLeaks: John McCain a Muslim,” dreamt up by President Obama.

Obama also wished for a presidential bid by Sarah Palin in 2012, so as to make his reelection a lay-up.

Hillary Clinton was dreaming of the Oval Office as well, envisioning the headline, “Obama To Hillary: Let’s Switch Jobs.”

Outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, however, wished for a headline that was both the funniest and unlikeliest: “Military To Go Exclusively Gay.” Yes, I’m saying that’s more unlikely that Batman and Joe Biden switching jobs.

Watch the NBC video below to see all the headlines that a Democrat could hope for.

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