SNL’s Chris Christie Attempts To Get The GOP To Like Mitt Romney

Saturday Night Live satirized the media lovefest with Chris Christie and their general apathy towards Mitt Romney. Jason Sudekis channeled the Massachusetts Governor’s milk-and-water persona and pleaded with top Republican fundraisers to give him a chance despite their crush on the New Jersey governor. “I know he has a fun personality with a lot of charisma but the more you get to know Mitt, the more fun you are going to have!”

Romney said he was going to have to get mad to get noticed. “We’re talking Mormon angry. I mean, you are going to start hearing words like shucks, fudge and the biggy, cheese and crackers. I know I have shortcomings, okay? I’m plain spoken. I’m a little stiff and my voice sounds like a black comedian doing a white guy voice.”

Christie, expertly portrayed by Bobby Moynihan, crashed Romney’s party.

“I’m going to run in 2016. I just can’t do it now. Let’s just say, I got to make a couple things go away first. But after this poor bastard loses, I’ll get a nice head start, run in four years,” said SNL’s Christie. “It will be great. Fat president! Come on, it writes itself.”

Watch the skit below via NBC:

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