SNL’s Debate Advice: Talk Down To Americans, Stop Mentioning Bin Laden, Speak Loudly For Old People

Saturday Night Live‘s Seth Meyers offered some advice to President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney in advance of Monday night’s third and final presidential debate.

Seeing as the debate will take place in Boca Raton, Fl., where the motto is “Say it in my good ear,” Meyers advises that the candidates speak loudly and clearly so that all the old people can hear their points.

He also recommended the candidates stop sharing anecdotes about people agreeing with them at their rallies. “It’s like when Bret Michaels says someone at a concert shouted, ‘Poison rules!'”

Also: Obama should not brag about killing Osama bin Laden. “With American’s short attention span, at this point saying you killed bin Laden is like saying you won the second season of American Idol.” Cue the image of Ruben Studdard. Remember him? Yeah, thought not.

“Stop assuming we know the issues as well as you,” Meyers said while recommending that the candidates “do talk down to the American people.” After all, he remarked, “half the country thinks Obamacare is what you call when you’re iPad stops working.”

Watch below, via NBC:

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