SNL’s Kenan Thompson Previews His Ben Carson on Late Night


Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson gave Late Night‘s audience a preview of his Ben Carson impersonation on Tuesday night.

“Election season on SNL is so exciting,” said host Seth Meyers. “Debate sketches are one of my favorites things to watch. Have you been working on your Ben Carson? Do you have anything?” Thompson quipped that he’d been working on his Donald Trump, but quickly segued into a short preview of his take on the good doctor.

“Ben Carson’s so easy. He’s kind of laid back,” said Thompson. “He’s just like, ‘Hey, you know I’m running for president. No big deal. I don’t like Muslims to much, but that’s not going to stop me.'”

Meyers subsequently brought up Thompson’s other notable SNL impression, that of the maligned comedian Bill Cosby. Thompson starred in Fat Albert, the 2004 film based on Cosby’s famous cast of cartoon characters, and the point reminded him of some really, really weird advice Dr. Huxtable once gave him.

“There were little indicators of things that happened,” said Thompson. Apparently, the mentor once told his mentee, “Life is good in the movies or whatever, but you just be ready. Because when this movie comes out, you’re going to need two [cocks] because the women are going to be all over you.”

Both the audience and Meyers reacted with an expected mix of laughter and shock, amplified by Thompson’s physical reaction to Cosby’s alleged words.

“I’m sorry Dr. Huxtable,” the SNL joked. “What was that?”

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