SNL’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg Is Totally Fine With Occupy Wall Street, You Guys

There must be a law somewhere that Fred Armisen must appear in 90% of the cold opens for Saturday Night Live, and tonight was no exception. Armisen’s clueless Mayor Bloomberg grumbled about the public’s reaction to last winter’s snowstorm (still not over it!) and their mockery of the city’s response to the threat of Hurricane Irene this summer. After he was through listing his grudges, Bloomberg wanted to talk about Occupy Wall Street.

Ever the businessman, Bloomberg alleged that Occupy Wall Street originated in New York City because the city sets the trends for the rest of the world, and took the time to suggest that protesters take a load off and grab a bite to eat at one of NYC’s many famous restaurants. He addressed the city’s claim that Zucotti Park needed to be power-washed, hence the request for the OWS evacuation on Friday: power-washing, you see, is a New York institution, and “without it, the Big Apple would lose its reputation as the world’s cleanest, most thoroughly sanitized city.” Finally, Bloomberg noted that he should be free from protestors’ scorn because there are plenty of richer New York residents. Want their names and addresses? Bloomberg’s got ’em.

Respect to the writers for keeping this one short, and adhering to the axiom that every time there’s an opportunity to make fun of A-Rod, you take it.

You can watch the full sketch here via NBC:

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