SNL‘s Michael Che Destroys Trump’s ‘Emotional Breakdowns’: ‘It’s Embarrassing’


Not much to say about this post other than it exudes both pithiness and and insight. During SNL’s Weekend Update segment, host Michael Che just told it like it is about Trump’s recent Twitter behavior (in under 100 words.) Che said:

Look, I have got to be honest, I didn’t even read all of his tweets. I’m tired of watching the President of the United States having emotional breakdowns on social media like he is Tyreese. Its embarrassing.

If you want to live tweet Morning Joe or Cupcake Wars or whenever else you watch, fine. But indictments are important. And you work for us. Put on your baggy suit, your clip on tie and fold your hair up nice and answer all of our questions face to face like the public servant that you are. Okay?

Watch the segment above courtesy of NBC. And if aren’t just careful, you might just learn something.

–image via screen capture–

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