SNL’s Mocks the Michael Sam Kissing Outrage with Its Own Make-Out Session

Your outrage about the Michael Sam kiss seen ’round the world was silly. And Saturday Night Live agrees.

The sketch show broke out its classic “Kissing Family” sketch featuring the Vogelchecks (Fred Armisen, Kirsten Wiig, and Paul Rudd, plus others) who welcomed home their gay son (Andy Samberg) and his boyfriend (Taran Killam). (Uh-oh! A gay couple casually portrayed on TV! Someone page NewsBusters’ resident “the gays on TV” correspondent).

Like his predecessors, Killam felt the outsider awkwardness as the family members made out with one another, stepping up their game to include wet-willies that skipped the finger and went straight for the tongue. But once the family sat down to watch ESPN’s coverage of the NFL draft, their tone shifted to outrage as Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend.

Killam called out the family for their hypocrisy for outrage over kissing being shown in front of the children before everyone admitted their errors proceeded to make out again.

Watch below, via NBC:

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