SNL’s Maddow, Matthews & Sharpton Take ‘A Look Back At The Obama Debate Disaster’

SNL had a field day mocking MSNBC’s reaction to President Obama‘s debate performance, from Al Sharpton coming up with every excuse in the book to defend how badly Obama did to Chris Matthews yelling at the camera like a drunken man-child.

Rachel Maddow opened by calling the debate “The Worst Thing That Happened Anywhere” before asking her co-hosts for their reaction. Sharpton first threw out altitude poisoning as a possibility before Matthews insisted that Obama’s real problem was not speaking up enough. As Matthews argued, “you win a debate” by screaming at people incoherently until they shut up.

Maddow tried to deconstruct a Mitt Romney gaffe which, in actuality, was a minor word mispronunciation. Sharpton continued with the excuses, citing jetlag and the possibility that Obama and Romney switched bodies.

Meanwhile, as the liberal hosts were freaking out, conservative S.E. Cupp was just content to bask in the glow of Obama’s loss, saying this has been “the best week of my life.”

Watch the sketch below, courtesy of NBC:

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